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Oklahoma Christian Introduces New Chair of Bible

In the fall of 2022, Dr. Jeremie Beller began serving as the chair of Bible and the Director of Church Relations at Oklahoma Christian University. Beller sat down with The Talon to share his passion for Christian education and his vision for the Bible department.

During Beller’s sophomore year at Oklahoma Christian, a small church in Chandler, Oklahoma, asked if he would become an associate minister for them. Beller shared how this outreach led to the beginning of his ministry. 

“I had a feeling this was my calling,” Beller said. “During this time, the church underwent a large split, and they knew I could help them get back on their feet. Not the most optimal way to begin work in ministry, but it helped me learn.”

After four more years in Chandler as a pulpit minister, Beller received experience in other forms of ministry and teaching.

“In 2002, I was hired by Wilshire Church of Christ and served as every minister they needed, whether it be youth ministry, college outreach, preaching, education ministry, etc…”  Beller said. “The elders of the church allowed me to finish my Masters in divinity and I also taught as an adjunct professor at Oklahoma Christian. This was the first time I got a taste of teaching and I really enjoyed it.”

Beller spoke on the importance of Christian education as a minister. 

“It has been awesome being around Christian education after being on the outside looking in,” Beller said. “I have reinforced the idea that Christian education is significant, and I have seen the significance and impact it has on students and churches. I love seeing students leave and enter life with a clear sense of mission.” 

As Director of Church Relations, Beller sees some areas at Oklahoma Christian that can be improved upon. 

“One of the first things that needed and still needs changing is our recruiting efforts, so we created a scholarship committee for our very generous endowment scholarship funds,” Beller said. “This has helped us be more proactive in getting people to come onto this campus and be a part of this great place. On academic day, we had more students than ever here.” 

Beller also emphasized the role weekly chapel plays in campus ministry.

“Our weekly chapels provide a great sense of community within our department,” Beller said. “Getting a sense of togetherness has been a big goal for me.” 

Beller shared his vision for the future of the Bible department.

“We have worked and are still working to structure our Bible requirements and freshman requirements,” Beller said. “We are going to start asking the big, hard questions on all different types of beliefs. We also want our Bible degrees to be more available to everyone, regardless of possible occupations in the future.”

Beller hopes to continue his ministry outside of Oklahoma Christian.

“My hope is I can continue to be a partner of churches and develop disciples for the glory of God,” Beller said.

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