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Q&A with Dr. Jeff McMcormack

Many of the sports at Oklahoma Christian University have been delayed or canceled due as a preventive measure for COVID-19. However, the intramural dreams of many students at Oklahoma Christian have yet to be deterred. The school is allowing the continuation of intramural sports following the guidelines the school has set.

Jeff McCormack, the Chief Academic Officer of Oklahoma Christian is leading the university in the fight against COVID. McCormack meets with a team every day to discuss how the university is handling the return to classes and campus. 

McCormack discussed his confidence in the steps taken to prevent an outbreak during intramurals with the Talon. 

What would you like to emphasize to people about intramurals this year?

“Anytime you get people doing athletic activities you have the possibility of infecting and transmitting. So, we thought we should keep intramurals going because it is a great opportunity for people outside and get exercise. We just have to make sure we are not causing any problems and that is the main focus.”

How often will intramural athletes need to get tested for COVID?

“I fully expect if we still have the low prevalence we can reevaluate the frequency of testing, but right now we are requiring testing before the start of each sport.”

Is there any concern heading into sports that require more contact?

“There is risk in everything we do. The intention is everyone is tested and negative. If everyone who is playing is negative it creates a safe environment, and that is the real purpose of the testing.”

How confident are you in the testing system in place?

“100% confident. This is the testing system the Oklahoma Department of Health is using, so we are very confident.”

Do you feel any pressure as one of the first schools to come back during COVID?

“We put together a plan I would put up against any other campus plan. The success of it is only based upon how we play out that plan. You practice and you do everything you can for it, and when you do what you need to do you, you succeed. We’ve got a great plan, but it is only as good as the students, faculty and staff make it to be. We have to work together to make it successful.”

Assuming the numbers of positive cases stay down how will regulations look next semester?

“We are looking on a daily basis and respond to it, and we will continue to do that each week and each month.  [Similar to] Oklahoma City and Edmond [officials] are making decisions and people continue to comply and things get better and better. We look at all the factors, and we’ll make a decision as we get closer to the spring.”

Is there anything you want people to know about anything regard COVID on campus?

“Just a shout out to the students. The students are making this work right now. The next two weeks are so critical. We have to pay attention to what we are doing and maintain a low prevalence.”

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