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Soundings seeking creative works for this year’s journal

The Oklahoma Christian University’s Soundings organization publishes a literary journal of original creative works each year, which offers students, faculty and alumni an opportunity to submit literary pieces or visual art.

These original ideas are featured in the student-run, literary journal published annually. According to Soundings Senior Editor Sydney Scott, the journal is an opportunity for students to come together and share their personal work. Scott said Soundings gives those in the Oklahoma Christian community the chance to have a voice and showcase their creativity.

“Getting published is free and it is a nice way to get your work out there if you are a young artist or writer, or if it is a hobby and you just want to show it off to your mom,” Scott said.

This year’s journal focuses on a diverse collection of work. Scott said the staff is looking forward to seeing submissions from previous contributors, as well as new ones.

“We just want to use it as an opportunity to explore some of the different artistic endeavors that Oklahoma Christian students and faculty are involved with,” Soundings PR and Marketing Director Kevin McGuire said. “But, one thing that we kind of want to expand on this year from past years is diversify the work by getting some of the students and faculty that haven’t been involved in it.”

According to Soundings Copywriter Laine Weatherford, sending in submissions is a beneficial way to get encouraging feedback while providing a safe way to share your emotions and opinions.

“I have submitted poetry, prose, fiction and essays,” Weatherford said. “My work is a way to process experiences and emotions, but it is also a way to connect with other people. Language lets us connect and express ourselves in a way nothing else can. That is why submitting to Soundings is so valuable. It is a chance to share my work with a broader audience and find more opportunities for creative connection.”

Although sharing one’s work with others can sometimes feel intimidating, Scott said she will be the only person to see the name on all submissions. All other judges will receive anonymous copies and judge based on the work alone.  According to Scott, it is a safe place to share the work students are most proud of and would like others to see or read.

“You have literally nothing to lose,” Scott said. “All of the judging is completely anonymous to our staff. You can even choose to publish it anonymously if that makes you feel more comfortable.”

All entries are free to submit and must be turned in by midnight Feb. 16. Individuals can submit up to 10 pieces in any category.

“[Soundings] lets them express these issues, whether that is just an artistic vision or a deeper emotional or psychological feeling that they feel strongly about to the community to as a whole,” McGuire said.

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