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SouRCe covers science and religion

The ethics of human cloning, transhumanism, and Darwin’s personal faith story are a few of the topics examined by Oklahoma Christian University’s newest club.

SouRCe – science and religion club – meets once and month and is sponsored by Amanda Nichols, associate professor of chemistry and physics. Nichols started the group after participating in the Scholars and Christianity in Oxford (SCIO) program at Oxford University, along with 25 other scholars from around the world.

“Part of my responsibilities as a part of the program was to fund a science and religion club here on our campus,” Nichols said. “We’ve had three events so far. We had one in December where we watched a science and religion themed TED talk.”

Since then, the club has held two more events, in which it covered other controversial topics.

“In January or February, we had another event where we watched clips of a movie that talked about human cloning,” Nichols said. “And then this week they had a chapel over transhumanism.”

The science and religion club is working to put together another event for the upcoming fall semester.

“We don’t have the exact date yet,” Nichols said “But we have a play coming from Oxford. It’s called “Mr. Darwin’s Tree,” and it’s a one-person play by a well-known theater actor. It’s about the life of Charles Darwin, who came up with the idea of Evolutionary Theory.”

All of these events are part of the larger goal of the club.

“A lot of people think science and religion are mutually exclusive,” junior Lauren Bellcock, the president of the club, said. “So one of our goals is to bring those together, and use science to further the understanding of religion and vice versa. We want to show people that it can be beneficial to talk about both.”

The club held a contest for a new name in January where they decided on the name SouRCe.

The club’s next event will take place after spring break.

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