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Team OC Offering Free Fitness Classes

Oklahoma Christian University’s fitness and wellness group, Team OC, is offering free fitness classes such as yoga, kickboxing and water aerobics at The Dub to students and faculty.

The Director of the Fitness Center Arianne Gillham said Team OC and its classes have been around for awhile, but she is trying to get more involvement from students. 

“Team OC was founded in 2015, and that’s when it became organized with fitness classes,” Gillham said. “We are trying to get the word out, not only by word of mouth, but also through student announcements.” 

Gillham said everyone is welcome to these classes, even immediate family members. 

“Just show up. Everyone is welcome, all fitness levels. There are no restrictions,” Gillham said. “These classes are free to all current students and faculty, including their immediate family members and to the surrounding community members.” 

While the major goal of staying healthy and fit, Gillham said community can be built from attending these classes. 

“We just want everyone to be healthy,” Gillham said. “Exercise is helpful for stress relief, and it’s been a really stressful time for us all. Community is also another aspect.” 

Gillham said they offer students a free merchandise item if they attend at least six classes. 

“We have been trying to get students here in multiple ways,” Gillham said. “Previously, we asked them to come to twelve fitness classes to get their freebies, such as t-shirts, water bottles or hats. We are now lowering it to six classes to unlock one of these items.” 

Class attendance took a hit because of COVID, and Gillham said these classes cannot grow unless more involvement is reached. 

“We obviously want this to grow,” Gillham said. “We took a hit during COVID and we’re slowly building it back up. It could be so much more. I just want people to use the services we offer. The more they use them, the more we can offer to them.” 

Assistant Director Natalie Grounds, who teaches the kickboxing classes, said she hopes students will at the least know these classes are being offered. 

“If nothing else, we just want people to know about these classes,”  Grounds said. “We want people to know it’s here and available to them. A lot of students don’t even know The Dub is free for them, and so we want to reach them.” 

Junior Emily Munson, who attends the fitness classes, said they have helped her find time for self care. 

“These classes have been very beneficial for my mind, body and soul. The work is perfectly tailored to each individual’s skill level while still being challenging enough to promote improvement,” Munson said. “Attending these classes helps me feel so much more comfortable in my skin, and it encourages me to continually care for and love the temple God has provided me with.”

Munson said more students should get involved with the classes being offered because they provide a sense of accountability.

“Personally, I think more students should get involved with these fitness classes because they are free and they are simply a good time,” Munson said. “My days seem to go so much better if I dedicate a bit of time to getting back in touch with my body, and the group classes provide an aspect of accountability to keep your workouts on schedule.”

In addition, Munson said she now looks forward to working out because of the fun atmosphere the group classes offer.

“We play music, the instructors are fantastic, and it’s a form of escape and release from the hustle and bustle of college life,” Munson said. “Because of the Team OC group fitness classes, I’ve found myself looking forward to my workouts.”
Team OC class times and instructor information can be found here for those interested.

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