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Welcome Back the Women of Beta Beta Sigma

The 2023-2024 school year will reintroduce the women of Beta Beta Sigma after disbanding over 10 years ago. 

Beta has brought together women from all over campus to recreate this social service club. Their newly elected president, Trina Kenyon, said she started joking around about bringing Beta back and creating a new club until it became reality.  

“I went, ‘Wait, this could actually be a thing that exists,” Kenyon said. “So we started talking about it more and pulled some interests together, and within about a week, it had gone from me and Sadie and Jalen to like, 10 to 15.”

Beta will still hold to some of the traditions of the original Beta, but they plan to add their own spin on everything. This starts with their mission statement and representation. 

Kenyon said she spoke with many Beta alumnae about what the club was about and what their goals were. 

“A lot of what they kept saying was, one, that there was no specific mold and two, that everyone was unified in Christ and in their kindness for other people,” Kenyon said. “So a unity through uniqueness is the phrase that keeps coming to my mind, that everyone is different.”   

Kenyon said after looking over former rush and Spring Sing events, she realized the widespread diversity of Beta alums. 

“The thing we keep coming back to is wanting to be known for being kind,” Kenyon said. “It [Beta] was really oriented towards generally being kind to each other and to everyone else. That’s a thing I would like to get out of the club as well.”

Freshman Sadie Brock is a Beta legacy with her mother being a Beta alumna. Brock said she is looking forward to carrying on that legacy through their mission. 

“Their reputation was one of kindness, respect and acceptance,” Brock said. “We don’t want to be a carbon copy of the old club; we want to make the revived version our own. However, we feel keeping these core values is crucial to honoring Beta’s legacy.”

One tradition Beta plans to shift is their mascot. Each social service club has their own mascot and Beta’s used to be the butterflies. In this revival, the group will change it to the bees. 

Kenyon said bees are representative of one whole body coming together, which fits with their club’s themes. 

“This fits with the club verse and shows how we are one body in Christ, just as we, in Christ, are one body,” Kenyon said. “And that fits so well because every single person, while maybe not all that influential on their own, can come together as one body to do so much more than any one of them could do by themselves.”

Beta still plans to pay homage to their former  mascot by referring to their graduated seniors and alum as butterflies. 

Brock said the most intriguing thing about joining Beta was the prospect of starting something that will be valuable to many for years ahead. 

“We want to create positive relationships with the other clubs and the rest of campus,” Brock said. “We’re not expecting to have everything figured out, but we want to fill our first year with good experiences.”

Beta will hold their first event April 11 for the spring preview of rush. Follow their Instagram @beta.beta.sigma for more information on future events. 

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