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Spring Sing facing new challenges in 2021

The new Oklahoma Christian University guidelines not only affect people’s daily lives, but also traditional events such as Spring Sing. Spring Sing 2021 is going to look different from other years, and while there are many new challenges, it will be more exciting in different ways.

Amanda Watson, the Spring Sing event director, is excited to go through these new situations. 

“I feel excited and interested to see how it goes,” Watson said. “I think it is definitely pushing people’s creativity in a good way for the clubs and for us to think outside of the box and do things differently.” 

The biggest difference is that Spring Sing will be outside in the Gaylord Forum in front of the Bible building. This is the first time to have Spring Sing outside at Oklahoma Christian. 

One of the new challenges for having Spring Sing outside will be audio problems. This year vocals will be pre-recorded, and clubs will not sing on stage. 

Watson said budgeting for an outside show has been one the biggest struggles.  Every year, ticket sales provide crucial funds in paying for Spring Sing expenses. 

“We have very minimum ticket sales because it is going to be outside and we do not want to bring too many people,” Watson said. 

So, this year Watson has started a new way of funding. 

“We are having to raise money and do some fundraising to make Spring Sing happen this year,” Watson said.

Bobby Chapman, the Kappa Sigma Tau Spring Sing director, said he was worried to have Spring Sing outside at first. However, he is excited about it now. 

“Initially, when I heard about it, I was like ‘how it is even going to work?’” Chapman said. “But it’s huge, and there is so much room, and they did a really good job designing it. It is going to be different for sure, but maybe people are going to like it better.”

Doing Spring Sing outside will also allow students to stand 3 feet apart during the show. The outside stage will be bigger with a maximum number of 48 people on the stage at one time. Also, students will wear a mask during practice times and the shows as they do in their daily life. 

“It’ll be a little bit challenging for students, but they are used to it right now, so it is not a big problem, and one of the only ways we can do this is by wearing masks,” Watson said. “If we want to have it, we have to wear it.”

Chapman spoke about the benefits of wearing a mask during the show. . 

“Spring Sing faces mean you’re basically smiling as big as you can, which makes our faces hurt and isn’t fun,” Chapman said. “You don’t have to worry about it with wearing masks.”

Compared to other years, there are many new difficult situations. However, they have been figuring out new ways to be creative instead of giving up the event. 

“We are trying to make it as normal as possible for the club, for the school,” Watson said. “The show must go on. It is kind of motto.”

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