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Dedrian Parmer Jr. owes success to his ‘Mamba Mentality’ and love for the game

Dedrian Parmer Jr. has been Eagle of the Week three times so far this year, and it seems there is no slowing him down. Parmer, a graduate transfer from the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, is playing his first season in an Eagle’s jersey. Parmer Jr. has had an immediate impact on the game, evident in an earlier season game, Nov. 21, against Texas A&M Kingsville where he shot 100% from the field, making 11 out of 11 of his shots.

Parmer’s love for the game of basketball started young and only grew as time went on. However, it wasn’t until Parmer Jr. failed to make a team that his passion for basketball came through.

“I’ve been playing basketball ever since I was a little kid,” Parmer Jr. said. “I fell in love with the game when I was in the 7th grade. I got cut from the varsity tryouts and it broke my heart. I remember crying all day after that moment, but then I remember a fire lit in me. I pushed myself to my limit every day, I wanted to make sure that I would never get cut from another basketball team ever again. That is when I created my ‘Mamba Mentality’, that is when I fell in love with the game. “

Similar to many basketball players of this generation Parmer Jr. said that players like Lebron James and Kobe Bryant inspired him and helped to kindle his love for the game.

“My basketball idol has and will always be Lebron James,” Parmer  Jr. said. “I look up to him because he is so versatile—he can dribble, shoot, post up, dunk, rebound, pass. He can do almost anything and play any position. However, I looked up to Kobe Bryant also, his mamba mentality is something that is with me to this day. I make sure I am always working on my game so that I can shine when the lights are on. Nothing was ever given to me, everything I have ever achieved was a direct result of my hard work and dedication.”

Parmer has had stellar games this season. He said that teams are starting to give him trouble through double teaming him on defense. Although this is frustrating to Parmer Jr. , he says he is happy that it gives his teammates a chance to make plays.

“The last few games it has been very hard to get going,” Parmer Jr. said. “Every game now I am getting double-teamed and when I get the ball they collapse down on me. I get frustrated often, but Coach Talley does a great job of reminding me that I should be happy that they are double-teaming me—that just means they respect you. I am glad my teammates are starting to get going offensively also.”

Heading into the rest of the season Parmer expects big things from the Eagles and fans alike.

“As a team I expect us to win out, we have a few away games but a lot of home games,” Parmer Jr. said. “I expect the Nest to be packed every game, to win all our home games and make it to the conference tournament and win out. I am looking forward to the playoffs because it does not matter about rankings, the winner of those games is the team who wants it more and my team is hungry. We are only getting better as time goes on.”

According to Parmer Jr., all it took was a little bit of time for the team to mesh, and that now the team is at a good place in regards to chemistry.

“I feel that we are just now starting to gel like we want to,” Parmer Jr. said. “I am proud of how successful we have been thus far though. We are a brand-new team with brand-new coaches competing in the hardest conference in NCAA DII. It was tough at first but now I feel we all know our roles on the team and for me, as a 5th year senior, I bring leadership. I am not the loudest leader, but I lead with my actions and how hard I play.”

Parmer Jr. and the Eagles continue Lone Star Conference action this weekend as they travel to Forth Smith, AR to play the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith Feb. 1 at 4 p.m.

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