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Eagle Basketball following a Tough 2021 Season

The Oklahoma Christian University men’s basketball season has come to a close. The Eagles ended the year 6-12 on the season, falling short of making the playoffs this season. Although they were unable to reach the playoffs, the Eagles still have a positive view on their 2020-2021 season. 

Senior Harrison Martin talked about his thoughts on this year’s season.

“Overall, I thought we did pretty well considering we were missing guys consistently throughout the whole year,” Martin said. “There wasn’t a solid stretch of the season where we had our whole team to win games. So considering we were pretty much the only team in the league dealing with that I thought we did well.”

The Eagles had many challenges this year with roster situations. From players being out due to COVID-19 or injury, they could not seem to catch a break this season.

“There was a four or five game stretch there where we only had eight guys,” Martin said.

With the constant lineup changes the Eagles had to stay prepared to play whenever, usually adjusting their lineup every week due to the variables the season had in store for them.

“It was interesting to see what curveballs were gonna be thrown at us” Martin said. “I thought we did a really good job at adjusting to whenever guys were out and all the new guys did a great job of stepping up.”

Martin will be the only player not returning next year, and he spoke about the Eagles’ future without him.

“I think that next season should be really good for them. I’m the only guy not returning, plus we’ll be bringing in one or one (freshman) guys,” Martin said. 

The Eagles also have a couple guys coming off injury to help them next season as well. Senior Jonathon Reyes and Lemarcus Danahue both polan to be back after suffering season ending injuries earlier this year.

Martin spoke highly about this year’s freshman players and their resilience dealing with everything. He also talked about the team’s energy and how fun it was to play with them.

“Just the attitude of all the younger guys was awesome. It was by far one of the most fun teams I’ve played with in my four years here,” Martin said. “Everybody’s been positive through all of it and it was their first go around. I don’t think they realize how difficult it was for them.”

Martin continued to praise the freshmen for stepping up and filling in some big shoes, but more particularly he praised their positive attitudes they had through it all. Martin left behind some positive words for the current freshmen Eagles.

“Honestly, they had such a good attitude and they were so positive; just keep that resiliency,” Martin said. “If they can make it through that interesting of a season, they’ll be golden for next season.”

The Eagles basketball team has a bright future ahead of them in the next few years. With everyone except for Martin returning and the freshmen getting plenty of experience this year, the Eagles hope to come back better than ever next season.

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