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Eagle of the Week Feb. 2-9

Jaiden Johnson was named Eagle of the Week this week following her Oklahoma Christian University debut. During her first game in an Eagles jersey Johnson hit three home runs, two doubles and stole seven bases during the game.

Johnson sat down with the Talon last week to answer a few questions.

What’s your year and major?

I’m a junior and a Public Leadership major with youth ministry minor.

How did you end up at Oklahoma Christian?

God called and I answered, and I thank him for the opportunity.

What got you interested in softball?

I was playing football and one of my teammates had a sister playing softball, so I joined her and never stopped.

How does it feel to be Division II Player of the Week?

It feels fantastic. I’ve been very patient and persistent in keeping myself in a position to obtain it. In my year off from school, I starved for it. I feel hungry to do it again.

How do you feel about the softball team this year?

We play like a pack. We have dogs that can eat, and we have freshman pups learning to do the same. We take care of each other, and when we step on a field we go for the kill. This team values friendship and competition, and that’s all you could ask for when wanting top-tier success.

Last year the team had a great season. What are the team’s expectations following last season?

Our team expectation is to find our limits and surpass them. Often in the dugout you’ll hear, “Go stupid, go crazy,” and it’s because we expect the game to take you out of your body, and for you to hit a level you didn’t know you could hit. We expect each other to surrender to being great and give each other a lot of room to do so.

You set a single game record with eight RBIs. Does that give you confidence going into the rest of the season?

It gives me a target. Every team we play will be wearing that target, and I will be training diligently to hit it every single time.

What is your favorite pregame song?

“What’s Poppin” by Jack Harlow.

What is your favorite post-tournament food?

Japanese ramen.



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