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Intramural Athlete of the Week: February 12-16

Sara Baugh 

Lambda Chi Zeta

For the women of Lambda Chi Zeta, it is vital to place above Gamma Rho in every league with points at stake. And when Gamma gets a team into the championship, you need someone who can take control. This is where Sara Baugh comes in. From 3 pointers to layups, free throws to steals, Baugh did it all. Lambda remains in the race for all sports, and Baugh played a huge part in closing the gap against the frontrunners, Gamma Rho.

1. Tell me what it’s like being out there on the court with all of your sisters.

I was having a little bit of asthma problems, but right now, I’m feeling on top of the world.

2. That was a really important win when it comes to the race for all sports. You guys are within 40 points from first place, how does that make you feel?

Oh my gosh! I’m feeling amazing about that. I think we’re going to get the pull through with soccer.

3. Speaking of soccer, is that going to be another sport you will be starring in?

You’ll probably see me on the sidelines for soccer, but Jenna White and Hope Hill will be big for us, especially when it comes to scoring goals.

Rylan Schlup goes up for a three-pointer against Delta. Photo credit: Cannon Poore

Rylan Schlup 

Chi Lambda Phi

For being a former NCAA athlete stepping into the intramural scene, Rylan Schlup had a somewhat quiet regular season. Sure, Schlup was making plays, but he acted more of a role player in what is, to his defense, a very successful system. But Schlup brought things to the next level when it mattered, dropping over 20 points in a semi-final win over Delta. This win not only puts Chi into the finals, but it also limits how much ground Delta can make up during the basketball season when it comes to all sports. Chi will re-match Kappa in the finals, and Schlup will be a big key for the Scotsmen handling the height on Kappa’s roster.

1. Tell me what it’s like being out there with your brothers.

We just try to go out there and have fun. Obviously it’s playoffs, so it’s a little bit more pressure, but we’re just going to have to try to have a little fun and play with all our friends.

2. You were playing pretty well during the regular season, but you took it to a whole other level in this semifinal. What was different about this game?

We got beat in the last game of the regular season. Our shot selection wasn’t great, so we tried to get out to take better shots. Focus on the ones we could hit, and that got us the win.

3. Now you are in the final against Kappa, the team that just beat you guys. Any thoughts about that?

We’re excited. They played really well against the freshmen in the other semi-final, but we’re looking forward to it. It’s gonna be a fun game, and it’ll have a good environment.

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