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Intramural Athlete of the Week: October 16-18

Kayton Kite 

Gamma Rho

Despite less points at stake than in major sports like volleyball or softball, minor sports still play an important role in the race for all-sports. Kayton Kite assisted Gamma Rho in the race by placing first in the cross country intramural, earning herself a title and Intramural Athlete of the Week.

1. What is it like getting to run for Gamma Rho?

For me, it’s a dream come true.

2. There was a lot of competition out there. From rival clubs to high school runners, how was handling the challenge mentally?

The hardest part for me was trying not to keep up with some of the faster boys, because I’m used to being towards the front. The biggest challenge was handling having gone out too hard at the beginning.

3. Are there any other sports you’re looking forward to, particularly where you think your endurance can shine?

Basketball. I used to be on the varsity team here at OC, so getting to play in intramurals now is exciting for me.

Zander Wilson 

Freshmen Class

Winning the cross country intramural is a challenge for anyone, let alone someone with little training. But Zander Wilson did not let that hold him back, winning the race and Intramural Athlete of the Week. 

1. What is it like competing with your fellow freshmen?

It’s really fun. It was cool being able to go out and run. I don’t even run that much, but trying to do something different with my friends was fun.

2. What is it like on the starting line, not knowing the potential your competition may possess?

I haven’t done a lot of track or anything. So I just wanted to get out fast and see how long I could keep up with people. I was a little bit nervous, but it was fun.

3. Looking forward, are there any other sports you’re excited about playing in?

I think I’m going to try out for basketball. That’ll be fun. I’m not sure what other sports are coming up, but I’m definitely looking forward to them.

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