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Sports Brief: Oct. 22-29

MLB: Red Sox win World Series

After a historic, 18-inning game three of the MLB World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers reduced the gap 2-1, and changed the momentum of the series. Despite their efforts, the Boston Red Sox won the next two games to take the series 4-1, allowing them to bring the trophy back to Boston.

Red Sox left fielder Steven Pearce took home the World Series MVP trophy and played a key role in the offense throughout the series, hitting a two-run homerun in game five.

After 86 years without winning a World Series and being “cursed” for the notorious sale of Babe Ruth, Boston has now won four World Series—2004, 2007, 2013 and 2018—in 15 years, a feat accomplished by only three other teams.

Red Sox pitcher David Price, after being historically known for lacking postseason clutch, ended those critiques. Price won game two, recording multiple wins in the postseason leading up to the World Series, two of which game in the ALCS in games two and five.

NBA: LeBron and Jordan, Pitino to NBA

On an NBC sports promotion, Michael Jordan suggested the “Greatest of All Time (GOAT)” discussion, regarding NFL quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, can only be put to rest one way—head-to-head.

The parallels between Rodgers and Brady resemble a similar clash between Jordan and LeBron James—both wear the same numbers, both have the rings and both have the raw talent—but the only way to decipher a true “GOAT” is a one-on-one matchup.

Clearly, the age gap makes the matchup impossible, but LeBron did reply with a tweet of his own saying, “I’M READY,” which continues to stir the pot in the debate.

In other NBA news, Rick Pitino, former University of Louisville basketball head coach, discussed his hopes of becoming a head-coaching candidate for the spring. Pitino was fired from Louisville after an FBI probe concluded that recruits were bribed on official visits.

A potential landing spot for Pitino could very well be Cleveland. The Cavaliers fired Tyronn Lue after unsatisfactory results and are currently under the coaching of top assistant Larry Drew.

The Oklahoma City Thunder were able to get their first win of the season beating the Phoenix Suns 117-110 snapping their losing streak. The Thunder will play the Los Angeles Clippers today at 7:00 p.m.

NFL: Le’Veon Bell saga continues

After making plans to show up during weeks 7-8, Le’Veon Bell is still a no-show for the Pittsburgh offense and dominates the Steelers media.

Bell’s next potential appearance date could be as soon as today since it marks the NFL trade deadline thus making Wednesday his first day of legitimate practice since the season kicked off.

Throughout his protest, Bell’s running total forfeited salary has reached $6.84 million, although he believes his next contract will compensate for that loss.

In other NFL news, the Los Angeles Rams are the only team to remain undefeated. Todd Gurley II continues to be a force on the ground and will look to continue his productive season against the New Orleans Saints this Sunday.

CFB: Bowl Projections through week nine

 With the conclusion of week nine in college football, bowl projections are underway and provide a quick insight of what is to come this postseason.

The first set of the college football playoff would include the No.1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide and No. 4-ranked Michigan Wolverines. On the other side of the bracket, the No. 2-ranked Clemson Tigers would be paired with the No. 3-ranked Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Alabama, Clemson, and Notre Dame are all undefeated.

Other note-worthy predictions include the University of Texas playing the University of Washington and the University of Central Florida playing Louisiana State University. The first Bowl games will start Dec. 15.

The University of Oklahoma played Kansas State this Saturday winning 51-14. This pushes the Sooners record to 7-1 and sparks thoughts of a potential rematch between Oklahoma and Texas in the Big 12 Championship game.

All of the future predictions were put to a halt after Oklahoma State was able to squeak by the Longhorns in a 38-35 win. This makes Texas a two-loss team and slides them out of the top ten.

NBA Draft Questions

In an early mock draft for the 2019 NBA season, the so-far consensus for the number one pick falls on the shoulders of Duke’s freshman guard R.J. Barrett. Barrett matches athleticism with a high feel for the game with his only noticeable flaw coming outside the arc.

Duke holds two additional predicted top-five picks in Zion Williamson, a freshman forward known for his leaping ability, and Cameron Reddish, a five-star recruit who may hold the most “sheer talent” in the draft.

Freshman forward Nassir Little of North Carolina also holds great value with his 7-foot-1 wingspan and potential as a future NBA wing. Little will lead the charge against Duke, making the long-standing ACC rivalry a must-see event.

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