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Women’s Intramural Preview

The women of Gamma Rho have been dominant in intramurals since their inauguration in 1972. Having won the all-sports title 13 times in a row (over twice as many as any men’s club at Oklahoma Christian University), they look to continue their dominance going into this year.

While Hunter Jones, an active player on the Oklahoma Christian baseball team, has done well coaching Gamma’s A team, the real talent comes from the leadership of Heather Sparks and Natalie Smith. The two juniors spoke on  the legacy of Gamma’s success.

“We have energy, and we want to be at the games. It’s our X-factor,” Smith said. “We strive on having good attitudes, avoiding cockyness and having the will to win as a team.”

Sparks commented on Gamma’s teamwork.

“We want to win, and we’re gonna work hard to do it this year,” Sparks said. “We work as a team, not a group of individuals.”

Meanwhile, the women of Lambda Chi Zeta will be top contenders against Gamma. Junior athletic director for Lambda Kyleigh Harris spoke on the situation.

“We’re gonna stack up on athletes and get good coaches to help teach techniques,” Harris said. 

Lambda is the defending champion in softball.

“Softball is our sport,” Harris said. “We like our odds of winning,”

Upperclassmen have snuck by as an underdog this year. While most of these girls will rush a new club before the flag football season starts, the team of primarily sophomores sits as the 1 seed in the softball playoffs thanks to a blowout win over Lambda A 28-8. Captain of the upperclassmen softball team Zoe Burmaster spoke on how the loose nature of their team makes them successful.

“We just come out to play and have fun with each other,” Burmaster said. “We know it’s the last class activity, so we’re going to keep going out and having fun with each other.”

Burmaster is one of several sophomores people were told to look out for. After working with them last year, freshmen experience director Savannah Matthews had several names to praise. 

“Zoe Burmaster, Shayle McCandles and Olivia Hampton are gonna be some big names this year,” Matthews said. “Expect Mattie Baird to be a star football player and Joanna Hunter to kill it in volleyball too.”

The intramural softball playoffs begin August 28. Lambda and Gamma will face off at 7 p.m. and Theta will play the Upperclassmen at 8 p.m. Both games will be played on the northern intramural field. The losers will play for third on August 29 at 7 p.m., while the winners will play for first at 9 p.m. 

Here are the current all-sports standings for the women’s division:

Upperclassmen: 40

Gamma: 40

Lambda: 40

Theta: 20

Freshman: 10

Iota: 0

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