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Posts published by “Hannah Brewster”

Young Evangelicals and a Generation Gap

A few weeks ago, the New York Times asked young evangelical readers to tell them about their relationship with faith and politics. Nearly 1,500 readers replied and while each personal story is different, each one has a common denominator: young evangelicals are questioning typical ties between evangelicalism and politics.

A Broken System

These thousands of children swept up in the system could easily have been you or me, and it is long past due for serious repairs to this broken system.

Your Vote Matters

In the U.S., we as citizens have a unique power those of other nations have never held: the power of a vote. Within the next few weeks, those votes will be used to determine whether the Democratic or Republican party will hold control of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

NFL or Two Hand Touch?

It is important to try and keep athletes safe, but the line has inevitably been crossed in the NFL. No one wants to watch a game where the referees dictate every move. Let them play.