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#HumansofOC campaign hopes to strengthen a feeling of community

Over the past few years, the campaign, #HumansofOC circulated on Oklahoma Christian University’s social media pages and blog. The idea sprouted from the Humans of New York campaign, both have the objective of increasing awareness of differences in their communities.

Director of Creative Services Judson Copeland said his motivation for #HumansofOC was to show the breadth of students at Oklahoma Christian.

“Most of the time [when I choose someone] it is when I am walking around and I see someone that stands out,” Copeland said. “The last person we chose drew my attention by her shirt; it was an overtly biblical message in a fun way. It really spoke to me on a personal level, so I asked her a set of questions and chose the response to post based on what would resonate the best.”

Occasionally, Copeland’s ideas come from seeing students or faculty walking around campus. Copeland said after he saw Dr. Baird in his graduation regalia, he felt inclined to write a post since Baird has a huge personality and most students know him.

Although the process of choosing appears random to the public, Copeland said there is a marketing strategy for the campaign. He liked the idea of featuring “humans doing their major,” such as featuring nursing students in the nursing lab or a graphic design major in the animation lab.

“I like the singularity of the images,” Copeland said. “I want students [or faculty] to feel like the ‘hero’ of the post. We try to tell the story in a concise manner. We have even used the posts in our admissions material to showcase students.”

The most recent feature was freshman Jillian Lynn, who was spotted on campus wearing a shirt which said, “Not today Satan.” Copeland saw Lynn and wanted to take a picture of her for #HumansofOC. Lynn’s quote with her picture was, “When God is your reason to live, you never have a reason to quit.”

“I chose my quote, because it is something I try to remind myself daily,” Lynn said. “I see people without God in their life, and they do tend to quit [things in life]. Especially at this school, I have seen people who give up and I know they don’t have God in their life.”

Registrar , who was asked by Copeland to participate in #HumansofOC, said the objective for #HumansofOC is unique, and when she was asked she appreciated their aim in highlighting different people.

“I figured I was chosen because of my position at OC,” Baird said. “At one point or another, students will probably visit my office, and #HumansofOC can help familiarize students.”

Copeland said he is excited to watch his project flourish and become a part of something bigger, like Humans of New York, by highlighting individuals.


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