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Alumnus returns “home” as freshman boys’ counselor

From student to staff, Oklahoma Christian University alumnus Trenton Dobbs took on a new position this school year when he joined the Freshman Experience team as the boys’ counselor.

“I graduated from OC in 2011 and always wanted to come back,” Dobbs said. “A buddy of mine told me about the freshman counselor job being open. I put in [an application] for it and here I am. I started August 1, so a little before the craziness of Earn Your Wings – it’s been good.”

According to Dobbs, he wanted to come back and work with the freshmen because he feels rewarded when he sees their success.

“My senior year, I worked as an RA in Fails,” Dobbs said. “I really enjoyed working with freshmen and that was one of the reasons I definitely wanted to come back. Just seeing them move in at the beginning, timid and nervous, and then seeing how much they’ve grown academically and spiritually at the end of the year is really rewarding.”

“OC has always held a special place in my heart,” Dobbs said. “My siblings went here and it’s a place I’ve always wanted to come back to. When I graduated, I put in for this job and didn’t get it. It was kind of hard at first, but I think God wanted to me to go off, get some experience and be a youth minister for a while. This is a place that allowed me to grow spiritually and socially. It’s rewarding coming back to a place I made a lot of friendships, a place that I’m inspired to wake up every morning and work with people who have the same goals.”

Freshman Aaron Parrott said because they had similar church backgrounds, he and Dobbs quickly formed a close relationship on campus.

“It was definitely nice coming into college seeing a familiar face,” Parrott said. “ He was one of the first people on staff to say, ‘Hey how are you doing? Do you need anything?’ He was very helpful with me getting here and helping me set up. He checks up on me and my other friends. It’s going to be nice having him around.”

Parrott said the other freshman guys are quickly becoming acquainted with Dobbs.

“All the guys definitely think he’s a cool dude,” Parrott said. “Their first interaction with him was at softball tryouts and he was so upfront, talking with them and making them feel comfortable. He’s very approachable, a really stand up dude and very laid back.”

According to Freshman Experience head Kirby Killen, Dobb’s maturity and experience were something she noticed right off the bat.

“I’ll never forget, one of the things he said was, ‘It’s one of my favorite things in the world to work with kids and then see the outcome in them succeed, they’ll come to me with their problems and I love being able to help them and come out successful,’” Killen said. “I said, ‘Yes, that’s exactly what we’re looking for.’”

Killen said she has nothing but positive things to say about Dobbs and his recent move back to Oklahoma Christian.

“He jumped in head-first right into Earn Your Wings and I heard great things from the freshman loving him,” Killen said. “Now, we’re getting into the nitty gritty with helping freshman out. He’s definitely a go-getter. I never have to ask him to do anything. He sees a need and gets it done.”

Killen said she hopes everyone on campus will take time to interact with Dobbs this semester.

“Just introduce yourself to him,” Killen said. “Trent is really good at connecting with people and he loves that one-on-one relational. He’ll take you out to coffee or out to lunch. Definitely come out to the student life office, introduce yourself to him and he will bless you through conversation for sure.”

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