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Lois Hill acknowledged for dedication to OC

For her 18 years of service to Oklahoma Christian University, as well as her dedication to students and staff on campus, Lois Hill received the “Honorary Alumna” award at this year’s annual homecoming alumni banquet.

The 2017 Homecoming Alumni Banquet, hosted by Alumni Relations, took place Nov. 3 in the Gaylord University Center. Honorees included Bill Pink, Lana Reynolds, David Bowden, Lois Hill and Mark and Sherrylee Woodward.

Before beginning work at Oklahoma Christian, Hill spent 25 years working for a local doctor and was in the middle of retiring when the university contacted her about an open position.

“Diane, a friend of my daughter, called me and asked if I could cover the cash register for an hour,” Hill said. “I said it wouldn’t be a problem, and eighteen years later, I am still working that ‘long hour.’”

According to Hill, she starts each day at 4 a.m. and ends in the afternoon. She said she continues to work for Oklahoma Christian because she enjoys the time with the students, and she is proud to know the students trust her enough to let her into their lives.

“I look forward to talking to them each morning and enjoy getting to know them,” Hill said. “I feel sorry for the ones that come by themselves and look lost, so I interact with them and help them feel at home.”

Senior Jackie Acosta said Hill adds to the joyfulness of Oklahoma Christian by having a familiar, friendly face greet students and staff upon entering the cafeteria.

“When I was young, I used to go to church camp at OC,” Acosta said. “I was about nine years old and I remember when it was time to eat, we would head over to the Caf and this sweet lady would be at the front counting every single one of us. Year after year, I would go to camp and year after year, she would be there, too. Then, when I was old enough to go to school at OC, I remember my freshman year I was over the moon that every day at lunch time I could see that same friendly, familiar face.”

Acosta said once when she told Hill she was traveling abroad one summer, Hill asked her for a small favor.

“I told her I was going to Guatemala and New Zealand and she got so excited for me,” Acosta said. “She asked me to bring her back a pair of earrings. Then just this fall, I came back from my travels for school and gave her the earrings. I will never forget how happy she was and she told me she knew exactly what blouse she would wear with them.”

Executive Director of Alumni Relations Bob Lashley said Hill’s individual connections with students and her willingness to give made her the perfect candidate for this year’s “Honorary Alumna” award.

“[Though not an] actual alum, [Hill] gives above and beyond in support of OC,” Lashley said. “Lois has done so for our students for many years.”

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