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OC Music Department Prepares for a Night of Opera

Oklahoma Christian University’s Music Department will present the “Masquerade Ball: A Night of Masked Opera” on March 25-26. 

Junior Jace Dulohery is one student in this year’s opera. Dulohery said his experience preparing for the performance has been lively and exciting. 

“It’s definitely been fun, for us as a cast, our director, and accompanist; we know how to have fun. There’s a lot of goofs and chatter,” Dulohery said. “Sometimes, it’s a little hectic, but overall, it’s a good experience.” 

Dulohery said his favorite part of being in the opera has been getting to delve into the new types of music opera offers. 

“My favorite aspect [of the opera] is getting to dig into classical literature we otherwise wouldn’t do in performances such as choir,”  Dulohery said. “Getting to dig into a bunch of different operas at once is really fun.” 

Dulohery said opera aids in bringing back the classics and introducing storytelling through them. 

“I think [opera] is a great way to revive old classics and to keep the side of opera performance alive and well,” Dulohery said.

Dulohery said opera requires him to go beyond singing and act through music instead of words as well. 

“In a typical opera, there is no dialogue, so it all has to be told through song,” Dulohery said. “Oftentimes, [opera] is in a foreign language, which pushes you to truly act.” 

Freshman Linsey Christian said the opera has required rigorous preparation, but has created a story worth telling.

“It’s been a lot of work,” Christian said.“But seeing those opera pieces come together to make a story is really cool.”  

Christian said her character and cast mates are her favorite aspects of the show. 

“My character is supposed to be very ditzy, but she has a lot of fun,” Christian said. “The people in the cast also make it really fun because everyone is super hilarious.” 

Christian said the cast’s director has shown them how to have true self-discipline in an opera setting.

“[She] has instilled in us a sense of self discipline. We have as much responsibility in this show as she does,” Christian said. “We have to have the discipline to know the translations of the pieces and to clearly depict our acting.” 

Director of the opera, Laura Coale, said she has seen the students adapt and have fun together in rehearsals. 

“The students have been great to work with. They are not only talented, but very flexible and creative,” Coale said. “We’ve had some things that haven’t quite gone according to plan, but the cast adapted and if the constant chatter is any indication, we are having fun working together.” 

Coale said this opera is a compilation of many different operas, resulting in a unique variety of stories being told. 

“We have taken various arias and ensemble pieces from the party scenes of many different operas and mixed them together into one big party,” Coale said. “As in life, whenever a group comes together, each brings with them what they are experiencing, and sometimes, we get a glimpse into their lives, even through the masks they wear.”

Coale said the cast has put hard work into creating a show full of music worth sharing. 

“They have sacrificed so much of their time to share this glorious music in what I hope is a very unique way.” Coale said. 

The opera performance will take place in Adam’s Recital Hall with showings on Saturday March 25, at 7 p.m., and Sunday, March 26, at 2:30 p.m. Admission is free.

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