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OC Music Department Prepares for Annual Cabaret

Every spring semester at Oklahoma Christian University, the music department puts on a Cabaret show to showcase the talent of its music majors. 

This year, the show’s theme is “Side-by-Side.” Dr. Kyle Pullen, who is producing the show alongside director Barbara Berard, said this theme was selected because of the varying music and choreography involved. 

“[This show] is a variety of songs and genres, consisting of country, rock and pop music,” Pullen said. “They dance together through partner dancing, which is why we chose a theme [that has] popular styles of music.” 

Pullen said Cabaret has progressively changed over the years through the help of multiple generous donors. 

“I didn’t have anything to do with Cabaret all but the last three years, but I’ve watched it change,” Pullen said. “It used to be more of a collage of musical theater. With the help of donors, it’s become a much bigger production.” 

Pullen said Cabaret brings people together in a unique and encompassing way. 

“People come to see Cabaret because it’s not story-based; it’s just simple. They love to come see the energy of the show,” Pullen said. “You’re there in Judd Theater, and you can see the whole cast. It’s a production that brings you into it; you feel like you’re almost in it.” 

Sophomore Madeline Lewis, who is a cast member in this year’s production, said she sees Cabaret as a chance to get out of her comfort zone and have fun. 

“Cabaret, to me, means showing who you are and your true self. When I get on stage, I become a different person,” Lewis said. “Channeling this has been super fun. It also means getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you didn’t think was possible.”

Lewis said her favorite part about being in Cabaret is finding value in the musical and activity aspects of the show.

“My favorite part about Cabaret is the choreography. Getting to dance with my friends has been super fun,” Lewis said. “I also love the music because Dr. Pullen picks fun and upbeat songs.” 

Although Lewis said the show has been fun, she has faced challenges too. 

“I’ve had to get over a roadblock in my brain because some of the choreography is pretty difficult,” Lewis said. “It’s been a challenge for me to get out of my comfort zone and tell myself it’s doable and I can get through it.” 

Lewis said this year’s theme will bring a more fun and upbeat side to Cabaret compared to previous years. 

“I think this theme is different from a lot of other themes. We’ve done a lot of Broadway music in the past, but now we’ve switched to more of a pop narrative,” Lewis said. “I think ‘Side-By-Side’ is a really good and fun theme.” 

Tickets for the Cabaret show can be found here. “Side-by-Side” will be showing on Thursday, Feb. 2; Friday, Feb 3  and Saturday, Feb 4 at 7:30 p.m. each night. The show will be performed in Judd Theater at the Garvey Center.

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