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Oklahoma Christian sweeps Model Arab League

Oklahoma Christian University political science students returned from the Model Arab League with wins in all five categories Monday, April 4.

While the university’s team has won the Model Arab League overall for the past five years, this was the first year that it placed first in every section.

In Model Arab League, students are assigned as delegates for a country, simulating a real-life experience as a diplomat. The groups are given realistic scenarios and are required to work through the issues with other groups.

There are five committees: Economic Affairs, Joint Defense Council, Palestinian Affairs, Social Affairs and Political Affairs. Oklahoma Christian has two students represented within each committee, for a total of ten participants. The committees then ‘negotiate’ with other schools’ groups on the given topic.

The committees then evaluate their own section to help determine final rankings. Awards were given as honorable delegates (runner-up) and outstanding delegates (first place).

Each year, a student is selected as head delegate. This year’s delegate was senior political science major Angelica Hickerson.

Hickerson said the experience the students gained from the Model Arab League was very valuable.

“It’s a really great opportunity to meet new people and have that interaction talking about foreign policy topics,” Hickerson said. “I think that’s something that college students in general don’t really concern themselves with. This is one avenue to do that, but I would encourage other people to look at foreign policy issues as not just foreign. They hit home closer than you would think.”

The results of the Model Arab League are as follows.

Sean Vandyke and Angelica Hickerson; Joint Defense Council: Outstanding delegates

Priscilla Cisneros and Cody Milner; Political Affairs: Outstanding delegates

Joshua Gage and Meagan McKinley; Economic Affairs: Outstanding delegates

Alexis Farrell and Wesley Duncan; Social Affairs: Outstanding delegates

Karli Otey and Nicholas Jenson; Palestinian Affairs

All five committees: Outstanding overall.

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