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Preview of Winter Session Trip to Greece

For the past two years, Oklahoma Christian University has offered students the opportunity to study abroad during the winter session. Starting on Nov. 28, a group of students and leaders will visit Athens, Greece, over three weeks. 

Assistant professor of Bible Alden Bass, a leading faculty member for the trip, said Greece is a great opportunity to learn about ancient times.

“I’ve never been to Greece before, so I’m very excited to see a new place,” Bass said. “It’s also exhilarating to teach about events in the places they actually occurred.” 

Bass said the winter session trips are made possible through Harding University, which allows Oklahoma Christian’s students access to housing.

“The winter session gives students one more way of creating an immersive international experience,” Bass said. “The house in Athens is operated by Harding University, and because of Oklahoma Christian’s unique schedule, we’re able to occupy the house when they’re gone. We wouldn’t be able to stay in Athens in any other term.”

Bass said Oklahoma Christian students will have various opportunities to visit many places within Greece. 

“Of course, we’ll have our classes. We’ll also spend several days familiarizing ourselves with Athens,” Bass said, “We have trips planned to visit Corinth, Delphi and the ancient monastery of Meteora. There are a few days of free travel too.” 

Bass said the trip provides a chance to deepen his role as a professor by creating an image of what the New Testament looked like to his students.

“Cross-cultural experiences are always memorable. They help us see our own culture in a new light,” Bass said. “I hope the New Testament will come alive for [my students] in a new way. To see the places where the apostles walked gives these texts a new kind of reality.” 

Freshman Maisy Inlow said she discovered this opportunity through social media and was encouraged by her parents to pursue traveling while she’s still young. 

“I originally saw Study Abroad’s Instagram last year and how they went to Greece. My parents always wanted to go on a study abroad trip but never got to go, and they regretted it, so they really wanted me to experience it,” Inlow said. 

Inlow said she is most excited about seeing the diverse culture of everyday life in Greece. 

“I am looking forward to experiencing the culture in Greece,” Inlow said. “Things such as the food and what everyday life looks like there.” 

Inlow said winter session trips are a great way to take advantage of the long winter break given to students. 

“I think winter session trips are really cool because it’s using a time you wouldn’t normally be doing anything in between,” Inlow said. “It’s a cool opportunity to travel while you’re young which you wouldn’t normally get.” 

The winter session trip will depart to Athens, Greece on Nov. 28. 

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