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Social service clubs recruit potential members at club night

Sophomores and transfer students had the opportunity to meet and learn about Oklahoma Christian University’s nine men and women’s social service clubs Sept. 4 at Club Night.

The event started in Hardeman Auditorium, where Student Leadership Coordinator Liz McElroy welcomed current and potential social service club members to the official beginning of the 2018 “rush” season.

“It takes a risk to come out and meet new people, and there’s something vulnerable about it,” McElroy said. “But it’s so worth it.”

McElroy also addressed club inductions and Oklahoma Christian’s anti-harrassment policy.

“You deserve better than to have to prove yourself worthy of someone’s friendship by endless favors or humiliating yourself,” McElroy said.

Following a short address from each social service club president on what makes their club unique, the event moved to the McIntosh Conservatory, where students were able to visit each club’s tables, picking up rush schedules and interacting with current members.

Sophomore Yesenia Gomez said she at first felt pressure to rush a club because she has an older sister involved, so people constantly asked if she was also going to rush.

“After meeting some girls from different clubs and seeing what these clubs do for the Oklahoma Christian and Edmond community, I want to be a part of that with no one pressuring me to,” Gomez said. “What I’m looking for in a club is a group of girls who genuinely care about each other. I would want to be a part of a club known for how they treat each other in a positive way.”

Gomez also said she hopes rushing will lead to more friendships and help her get involved on campus.

“I tend to be on the shy side and I think rushing will help me get out of my shell and learn to truly enjoy my OC experience,” Gomez said.

According to sophomore Shaley Goad, she hopes attending rush events will help her see the differences in clubs and what makes each one unique.

“The family-like atmosphere that I’ve seen in Oklahoma Christian clubs appeals to me the most,” Goad said. “I also feel like it’s a great opportunity to get to know people outside of my year. Whether or not I find a club I truly feel that I click with will determine if I rush or not.”

The club’s rush directors plan multiple events throughout the next two weeks to show potential members what makes their club a community. Kappa Sigma Tau’s rush directors Justin McLeckie and Cameron Williams said they are excited about working with this year’s rush class.

“This class has meant a lot to us from the start of Earn Your Wings 2017 when we both were on staff, and there are so many awesome guys there,” McLeckie said. “Kappa is over 1,000 alumni strong and next year, we will be hosting a 50th-year reunion, so this year’s rush class will get some invaluable opportunities. We just hope that we are able to properly showcase our long legacy of faith, fellowship and pride and the lifelong relationships that come from being a part of Kappa.”

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