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Soundings Poetry Workshop held for students

The Soundings Literary and Visual Arts Journal will host a poetry workshop in the Beam Library on Thursday, Oct. 28. Soundings holds multiple events and contests to give students at Oklahoma Christian University the opportunity to improve writing skills.

Senior Samantha Nelson, the Soundings PR and events director, said the poetry workshop will cater to everyone.

“I hope students will learn that they can write poetry – that anyone can write poetry,” Nelson said. “You don’t have to be a genius to write something beautiful.”

Workshops are shared around the various contests held by Soundings to help any and all types of writers.

“Soundings hosts community events throughout the year aimed at raising awareness of the journal and providing a further platform for artistic expression,” Soundings website said.

The workshop will allow for students to expand their creative writing skills in a more communal setting.

Senior Ann Magner, the Soundings Senior Editor, said she wanted students to have the opportunity to use their creative writing skills without having to take a class.

“There aren’t many on-campus opportunities for creative writers other than Soundings contests and publications, and I wanted to provide one that’s more interactive,” Magner said.

Halle Waugh, Oklahoma Christian alumna and creative writing professor, will be leading the workshop. Waugh is a freelance copywriter and editor who has spent the past eight years working in numerous creative departments.

Magner said Waugh gave excellent feedback as a professor and feels the workshop will be just as productive.

“Hopefully, this workshop will set a precedent for other ways to reach out to creative writers, on and off campus,” Magner said. “It might be cool to bring in more writers and poets in the future for more workshops”

Nelson said poetry can offer a unique and universal experience for everyone who encounters it.

“Workshops like this offer a safe space for students to learn without the pressure of a grade,” Nelson said. “It’s also a fun break from schoolwork.”

The workshop will be held in LC 237 and will have free refreshments from the Brew. Magner said any student is welcome to come, even if they just sit back and listen.

“The goal is to give insight into the basic elements of poetry,” Magner said. “Just knowing some of the basic elements of a real poem can make a big difference, not just in the end product, but in the pre-writing process as well.”

Both Magner and Nelson said the poetry workshop could set up a precedent for more writing events hosted by Soundings at Oklahoma Christian.

“We have Shut Up and Write sessions at the writing center, and I’d love to see those echoed with workshops in Soundings focused on creative writing help,” Nelson said.

Nelson said the workshop aligns with Soundings’ overall mission to support the creative community at Oklahoma Christian.

“Everything we do is for our peers, to support them in their artistic endeavors and provide a place for their creativity and brilliance to shine,” Nelson said.

Magner said the workshop could contribute to the quality of the annually published Soundings journal.

“I’d love for a poetry workshop to help those voices (in our journal) become more diverse and give more students the tools needed to create well-structured poetry,” Magner said.

Registration is still open for students wanting to attend. For more information about Soundings, visit the Soundings website.

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