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Health and Wellness Fair connects faculty, staff for healthier living

Looking to promote a healthy lifestyle, the second annual Health and Wellness Fair is bringing new health opportunities to Oklahoma Christian University faculty members.

Director of Team Oklahoma Christian Fitness and Wellness Darci Thompson organized the Health and Wellness Fair to present various health activities to the Oklahoma Christian faculty.

“We just really wanted to promote some local fitness and wellness opportunities we have in our community or on campus for all of our employees,” Thompson said. “We have lots people of who are interested in coming and that’s continued to grow.”

The Health and Wellness Fair is held by Team OC to inform Oklahoma Christian faculty about the places alumni either own or work for that are associated with wellness.

Although the event is only for Oklahoma Christian faculty members, Thompson said in the future she hopes to plan a similar event for students.

“We would love to do something for students as well at some point, but we wouldn’t be able to handle all of that currently,” Thompson said. “It’s a good start to building on things like this for the campus.”

Oklahoma Christian Student Event Coordinator Amanda Watson worked with Thompson on this event since its roots last year.

“Last year I helped plan this event for the first time,” Watson said. “So this year she came to me and wanted to go through all of what we did last year and come up with new ideas because some exhibitors from the past year couldn’t come again.”

As the event coordinator, Watson and her office members plan and oversee every event that happens on Oklahoma Christian’s campus.

“Since I did it last year, I’m helping her out this year to figure out the logistics of who is coming and what all we need to have for setup,” Watson said. “Also, all the communication that we need to have for all of the faculty and staff that will be attending.”

The Wellness and Health fair is Thursday, Oct. 13 from 9am- 4pm in the Garvey Center.

In addition, Walgreens will be on campus Thursday, Oct. 13 from 10am – 2pm in the McIntosh Conservatory for faculty, staff and their families to receive their “free to you” flu shot.  On Friday,Oct. 14, Oklahoma Christian students have the same opportunity to receive a free flu shot from 8am-3pm in the Student Center.

In order to receive the “free to you” flu shot, those interested are required to bring this form filled out and a copy of the front and back of their insurance card with them.


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