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The Spring Sing 2023 Club Themes

The Spring Sing show week kicked off with club night on Tuesday, Feb. 28. There, the club’s themes were announced through banners and media outlets. 

The overall Spring Sing theme is “Just My Imagination,” created by executive director Mikayla Mikenzie. Each club based their themes around childhood ideas which spark imagination, ranging from dream jobs to creative characters and fairytales.

First to present were the men of Psi Epsilon with their theme based on Mii’s from the Wii gaming console. Their show follows Mii characters as they navigate the Wii Sports world, varying from bowling to boxing. 

Logan Miller, one of Psi’s Spring Sing directors, said their theme was a fun way to put a spin on “Just My Imagination.”

“Miis are supposed to be the players using them,” Miller said. “You can make them do whatever you want, and it’s super easy to put yourself in their shoes and wonder what sorts of things they would get up to when you’re not playing.”

Following this line of nostalgia was the Freshmen with their theme of colorful crayons. They show a child’s imagination can be endless with something as simple as a crayon. 

Next are the women of Gamma Rho, who document the tooth fairies’ long night shifts within their show. 

The men of Chi Lambda Phi portray turtles who are commissioned by President deSteiguer to clean up the campus.

The next bracket of themes falls under a child’s dream of becoming something great when they grow up. 

The women of Lambda Chi Zeta represent these aspirations through their theme of firefighters. They represent the heroes many children dream to be when they grow up with their show. 

Next are the women of Iota Kappa Phi as racecar drivers. They are zooming through a child’s imagination with their performance, racing into bringing the child’s dream to life. 

The final section accounts children navigating the worlds in their imagination. 

This starts with the men of Delta Gamma Sigma and their theme portraying the movie “Holes.” They represent the workers of Camp Greenlake with their show. 

In the same vision of creative worlds are the women of Theta Theta Theta with their theme of toy soldiers from “Toy Story.” Their show will follow the working life of the toy soldiers in Andy’s room. 

The men of Kappa Sigma Tau are encapsulating the world of “Beauty and the Beast” as Lumieres and Cogsworths. They are presenting a perspective away from the original Disney princess story.

Director Justin Ogletree said Kappa represents all kinds of creative sides on campus, including members working hard in the overall Spring Sing staff. 

“Cogsworth and Lumiere fit right into the identity of Kappa because they are incredibly influential characters that ignite positive change, even though they don’t always stand in the spotlight,” Ogletree said. 

Closing out the creative worlds are the men of Alpha Gamma Omega in their “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme of Navy men and Pirates. They set sail across a child’s imagination to find new adventures. 

Spring Sing 2023 has an “imaginative” line up, which represents the inner child of people inside and outside of Oklahoma Christian. 

Kappa director Mason Brasel said it can be easy to get into the habit of adulting with a particular routine. 

“This theme really encouraged us to reconnect with that inner child and remember we are here at college because there is some future we are imagining,” Brasel said. “It’s an invitation to not take life so seriously.” 

Watch all these clubs in action on March 2 during Student/Faculty night or attend on Friday, March 3, or Saturday afternoon or evening March 4. 

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