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What Keeps Creative Minds Brewing: The Appeal of Coffee Shops

Coffee shops around the world serve as havens of productivity and comfort to any and all who grace their doors, and especially appeal to students searching for the motivation to study. 

Students seeking beneficial study environments have often sought the unique, inspiring atmosphere a coffee shop provides, a practice dating back to the 1400s with Islamic mystics seeking concentrative aids for their studies. 

Senior Jenna Stilling provided some insight into the timeless appeal and popularity of coffee houses. 

“I like the background noise a coffee shop provides,” Stilling said.  “If I’m by myself with no music, I tend to get lost in my thoughts or zone out, but studying in a busy location lets me fill my head with white noise and focus on my homework.” 

Stilling also gave the names of her favorite coffee shops in the Edmond area. 

“Right now, it’s a tie between Ellis Island on Bryant and Stella Nova on 150th and Western,” Stilling said.  “I love going to Ellis Island for a long study session — there’s plenty of unique seating, and the lower level of lighting helps me focus on my computer. Stella Nova is a great place to meet up with friends for coffee and a quick bite to eat — they have a delicious variety of sandwiches and pastries, and the baristas are super friendly.”

Senior Eliot Carter named his favorite coffee shop, a crowd favorite amongst Oklahoma Christian students.

 “My favorite coffee shop is the Brew because I can walk to it from my dorm, and it has a variety of seating options,” Carter said. 

Sophomore Breanna Farhood supplied her favorite coffee shop along with her go-to order. 

“Mine would probably have to be Aspen… I know I work in the Brew, but I love Aspen coffee. Brew coffee really tastes similar to it, which I am so happy about,” Farhood said. “My go to Aspen order is a large iced vanilla latte with extra vanilla.”

In addition to the convenience of outlets, wifi and cozy spaces to do work, coffee shops can also help neurodivergent individuals accomplish more.

 “Coffee shops provide body doubling, a skill which helps people with ADHD and other forms of neurodivergency. Body doubling is when you are in the same space as someone else but you are working on different things,” Carter said. “When I am in a coffee shop, I see other people working and getting things done, and it helps me complete my own tasks.” 

Junior Alista Richardon explained another draw to coffee shops as locations for long, arduous study sessions. 

 “I like studying in coffee shops because I have unlimited access to caffeine should I need it, and I always do,” Richardson said. “My go to order is an iced caramel latte because I hate the taste of coffee, but I love the caffeine.”

Ultimately, the practice of studying in a coffee shop is a time honored tradition still practiced by Oklahoma Christian students today, and well made, delicious cups of espresso will be powering generations of students for years to come.

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