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New volleyball coach Jason Skoch breathes new life into a new program

Oklahoma Christian University volleyball has gone under a lot of changes in the last year and a half.

Volleyball’s first season in over 30 years at Oklahoma Christian was postponed in 2019 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now after going 6-12 and making the conference tournament in their first season of competition, the Lady Eagles have a new head coach, Jason Skoch. 

Skoch has a long history of coaching at the collegiate level with his career spanning 15 years at three different universities. He had success winning over 30 games during nine out of his 15 seasons for an overall record of 437-121. 

Even with proficient experience and success, taking a new head coaching job at a second year program is new for Skoch. 

“In my short time here, nothing prepared me for what I’m experiencing,” Skoch said. “I don’t see how you could do this job specifically without being a head coach first.” 

Skoch is trying to establish a winning culture and vision for Oklahoma Christian volleyball. 

“What we are struggling with right now is people not having a vision to lean on,” Skoch said. “You walk into the gym and see two pictures of the basketball coaches and their records. When that happens the new players know that there is some kind of history here and it has been really good. We don’t have that yet.” 

Skoch wants to offer the team a fresh perspective.

“My belief is, if you’re gonna do anything with your life, be a rockstar in whatever you do,” Skoch said. “There’s struggles right now because people came in with different expectations and we are making it very clear that if golf, baseball and softball can have success, why can’t we?” 

Skoch said he understands certain things will take time like recruiting and team dynamics, especially team communication. He said he is willing to be patient. 

“They have a bulldog mentality and they’re going after it. I don’t want to snuff that out of them,” Skoch said. “We’re trying to get the girls to calm down and think about the process and that is taking some time.” 

Skoch said he knows the rebuilding process of Oklahoma Christian volleyball will not happen overnight. He is using prior experiences to help him with his newest challenge and to win as he has done consistently in the past. 

“Be a rockstar in whatever you do.” Skoch said. 

That is the mentality Jason Skoch is bringing to Oklahoma Christian volleyball.

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