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Falling into Rush Season

Each year, the beginning of fall signifies the start of one of Oklahoma Christian University’s busiest seasons, rush. 

During rush, social service clubs host different events to facilitate club bonding and allow potential new members, called rushees, to find a club that matches their personality.

Junior Caitlyn Windell commented on the diversity of people you meet during rush. 

“There’s a lot of people that I’m now friends with that I don’t think I would have been friends with originally,” Windell said. “Our different interests kept us in two separate boxes, but then the club came around and now we are all together in one community. It’s really amazing.”

Rush events vary by club and are designed to create a welcoming atmosphere for rushees. For example, Iota Kappa Phi’s rush calendar includes a snowball fight, a murder mystery party collaboration with Alpha Gamma Omega and an “iced out” formal.

“I’m very excited for all the collaborations between clubs, such as the Alpha and Iota murder mystery dinner and the Psi and Iota lake bash —- it gives more of a sense of community,” Windell said. 

This fall marks the first rush for the revived social service club Beta Beta Sigma. Sophomore Wynter Utley spoke on the club’s mission.

“In Beta, our goal as a group is to better our relationship with each other, our community and God,” Utley said. “I’ve had the opportunity to serve the community and bond with others in a way that is really only special to an Oklahoma Christian social service club.” 

Beta is reintroducing itself to the rush community through the theme “Beta for Life,” an exploration of the different stages of life. Sophomore Kaylen Herndon shared her favorite event from the club thus far.

“My favorite rush event thus far has been Beta’s Golden Years rush event where we got to dress up as grandmas, craft and play bingo,” Herndon said.

Overall, rush allows students to express themselves and sample whether or not they will enjoy club life before committing to a specific club. 

“Every club is unique and has different people and goals in mind,” Utley said. “The clubs at Oklahoma Christian offer students a chance to break out of their shells and do something beyond their worldview.”

Once rushees commit to a club, they will be able to participate in larger club events and join in more activities around campus year round. 

“I wanted to join a social club and participate in campus events like Spring Sing,” Herndon said. “I wanted to be a part of a close group of people.”

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