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Introducing Your Spring Sing Hosts of 2023

The 2023 Spring Sing season is underway, with shows starting March 3. Throughout the season, the Spring Sing hosts have been rehearsing to create a spectacular Spring Sing experience. 

Here is an introduction to your 2023 Spring Sing hosts. 

Jason Coon

Junior from Irving, Texas

Major: Music Composition with a minor in Preaching

Favorite Spring Sing Show: “Honestly, this one looks like it’s going to be fantastic, so I’m going say 2023 since I know it’ll end up being my favorite by the end of next week.”

What does the Spring Sing theme “Imagination” mean to you?

“As a massive Disney nerd, I have a sign in my room of Mickey Mouse with the word ‘Imagination’ on it and the definition ‘using dreams & creativity to make the world extraordinary.’ Nothing would exist without someone thinking of it first. As someone who plans to spend their life writing music, this sign serves as a reminder to never limit what I can do and to think outside the box.”

Houston Goff 

Freshmen from Fort Worth, Texas

Major: Vocal Performance

Favorite Spring Sing Show: “I haven’t seen any of the shows from the clubs but I have seen some of Psi Epsilon’s and theirs is really cool.”

How has the Spring Sing process/ experience been for you?

“The Spring Sing process has been the most fun I’ve had at OC so far. While there have been a lot of practices, being able to spend time working with the other amazing hosts and make music with them and the band has been amazing, and I don’t think I’ll be able to recreate how much fun I’ve had with this group ever again.”

Alexi Hufstedler

Sophomore from Edmond, Oklahoma 

Major: Nursing 

Favorite Spring Sing Show: Kappa Mailmen or Gamma Bo Peep

What made you decide to try out for Spring Sing host?

“I had the opportunity to grow up watching Spring Sing, and it gave me the desire to be a host. After doing it last year, I found out how amazing it was. I just knew I would love to have the chance to do it again.”

Jillian Kumor 

Sophomore from Edmond, Oklahoma 

Major: Nursing 

Favorite Spring Sing Show: Chi Gnomes or Iota Beauty and the Beast

How do you hope to represent OC through being a Spring Sing host?

“I hope to represent Oklahoma Christian through being a Spring Sing host by showing that you don’t need to be a music major or have lots of vocal experience to be a host. Anything can happen if you set your mind to it.”

Kristen Klein

Senior from Springfield, Missouri

Major: Graphic Design

Favorite Spring Sing Show: Kappa Mailmen

What made you decide to try out for Spring Sing host?

“I’ve always loved to sing, but growing up, singing in front of people was not my thing. After some years of growth and being encouraged by my friends and family to share my talents with other people, I made the decision to audition, and I’m so glad I did because it’s been a blast.”

Cassie Tompkins 

Freshman from Tuttle, Oklahoma 

Major: Vocal Music Education 

Favorite Spring Sing Show: “I’ve actually never seen spring sing before.”

Why is Spring Sing so important to you?

“I think Spring Sing is such an important event on campus because it gets so many people involved in such a fun show for everyone to enjoy. It allows students to express themselves through their creativity and talent.”

Carson Towns 

Senior from Lubbock, Texas

Major: Computer Engineering (with Software Engineering Emphasis)

Favorite Spring Sing Show: Kappa Kafeteria 

How has the Spring Sing process/ experience been for you?

“Spring Sing has always been a lot of fun for me. As a show member, it was a great experience bonding with my fellow Kappa members. As one of Kappa’s directors last year, it was a great exercise in leadership and allowed me to get to know a larger swath of Kappa. This year, as a host, it has been really relaxing to focus on the ‘Sing’ of Spring Sing and has given me a chance to work with people I normally don’t encounter.”

Hudson Woodard

Junior from Edmond, Oklahoma

Major: Music Performance with a minor in writing 

Favorite Spring Sing Show: This year’s show

What does the Spring Sing theme “Imagination” mean to you?

“I think this theme fits perfectly for something as creative as Spring Sing. It gives the clubs, hosts, and anyone else involved in Spring Sing the chance to be openly creative with how they approach the show.”

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