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New chorus offered at OC

Photo by: Will Gentry


A new opportunity to create music with students and faculty alike is coming to campus in the fall.

In light of the time consuming aspect of the present Chorale, the campus will provide a new chorus that is less straining on students.

“The OC Collegiate Choir is being added to give the opportunity to sing in a choir to all OC students,” Associate Professor of Music Kyle Pullen said. “Currently, the choirs that are offered are only open to very advanced singers who have the time to rehearse five days per week.”

Pullen’s new collegiate choir will only rehearse a few days a week to allow people who don’t have as much time to devote to singing to still participate in the music department.

“At the beginning of the year, I had to cut about 25 singers from the Chorale,” Pullen said. “All of them could have been valuable members of an ensemble, but some of them weren’t ready for the advanced level of Chorale. I would like to have a choir to include and develop their talents. The collegiate choir will meet on Monday and Wednesday only, from 12:30-1:20.”

Senior Matt Huebert said that the addition of the new chorus on campus will benefit the campus and the music department alike.

“The new chorus will be a great addition to the tradition of choral music at Oklahoma Christian,” Huebert said. “OC needs a chorale that is easier to fit into schedules as well as develops musicians; this new chorale will fulfill both of these needs.”

Senior Jessica Gaines said that this new chorus might cause issues for the music department.

“The new chorus might create tension, having a more ‘elite’ group,” Gaines said. “But I think it is great to have an additional chorus so that everyone can be a part of a chorus.”

Huebert said he is happy that there will be another chorus because it opens up chances for students on campus to get involved.

“I personally love the idea of a new choir,” Huebert said. “I want everyone to have the opportunity to be a part of making music with a group of people. It establishes a unity and provides a great way to have a well-rounded college experience.”

Pullen has an overall goal for the new chorus that he said would be ideal in his mind.

“The goal for the collegiate choir is to further encourage more of the student body to sing in choir and to develop talent for the more advanced choirs,” Pullen said. “I am anticipating that the group will be 35-40 singers.”

Huebert said that there are certain requirements for vocal scholarship students that will impact both the Chorale and the new chorus.

“There are some affects that I foresee this new chorus having on the current Chorale,” Huebert said. “Many current members struggle meeting the demands of five practices a week and this chorus could detract from current membership in the Chorale. One stipulation, however, is that the new chorus will not be for students on vocal scholarship.”

Huebert said that while he will not be affected by the addition, he looks forward to future opportunities for the new chorus.

“I would love to see the choirs collaborate in concerts and perhaps even a few practices,” Huebert said.

Gaines said that although she is graduating, she is eager to see what impact the new chorus has on the music department.

“Even though I am leaving in April, I look forward to coming back for future Chorale concerts to see what the new chorus will add to the department,” Gaines said. “I am sure I will hear about it from my friends in Chorale too.”

Pullen said that the new chorus will join the Chorale for annual concert traditions.

“The chorus will sing for four concerts,” Pullen said.  “These concerts include the Grand Concert, Cocoa and Carols and two concerts in the spring semester.”

Huebert said that the auditions will be similar to the auditions for the Chorale.

“The tryout process will be before the fall semester begins,” Huebert said. “Individual tryouts will be held where students will vocalize with the professor and perform basic sight reading skills. Based upon the audition and the student’s schedule, Dr. Pullen will assign the person to either the new chorus or to the Chorale.”

Something that this chorus will include that the Chorale does not is that the faculty will be invited to participate as well. Pullen said he welcomes everyone to participate.

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