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Westwood College Ministry walks to bring clean water to Zambia

Oklahoma Christian University students at the Westwood Church of Christ carried buckets of contaminated water around the church property to raise funds for a well in Zambia, Africa during this year’s Water Walk on Saturday, Sept. 23.

Junior Caroline Hose, one of the students who participated in the walk, said the Water Walk caused her to appreciate the comforts she has in the United States.

“I participated in the Water Walk initially because I believed it was going to do great things in Zambia, where people struggle to have clean water,” Hose said. “Seeing the dirty water from the lake that we scooped into buckets and carried for miles made me realize that clean water is a privilege that I do not even think about.”

Westwood partnered with Water4 to provide men and women in Africa with the training to drill their own wells and “become the solution to their own community’s water needs.”

“My entire life, I have never worried if my water was clean or not,” Hose said. “My water never made me sick or dirty. Seeing the water in the buckets helped me realize the tragedy of not having clean water. I believe that is why it is important to donate to people in Zambia, because clean water will bring them so much life and growth.”

Anyone interested in helping Westwood reach their $2,500 goal, can donate online.

“I encourage everyone to donate because every dollar helps to build a well for people who have never seen clean water,” Hose said. “This well will impact people for years and just a simple dollar can help with that.”

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