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2024 Spring Sing Band Highlight

As Oklahoma Christian University gears up for its annual Spring Sing show next weekend, the Spring Sing band is preparing to make the show come alive. The Talon spoke with some members of the band to get their thoughts on the rehearsal process and what they are most looking forward to. 

Director of this year’s Spring Sing band, Senior Aidan Orcutt, said he has loved seeing the band grow during the rehearsal process.

“Everyone in the band is a talented musician. Seeing all of the musicians grow in individuality and the ability to understand more about the music has been the real blessing to me,” Orcutt said. “I also love getting to rehearse alongside the hosts and see everything come together. The more we work together, the more rewarding it becomes.”

Junior Audrey Johnson, electric bass player in the band, said the Spring Sing band has enabled her to get outside of her normal music genre. 

“Being a musician, especially a music major, we don’t get to play pop music a lot,” Johnson said.

“In my world, I only get to play jazz and classical music, so being in the band puts me out of my comfort zone, and I love it.”

Since pop is the main genre of host music, Johnson said she is looking forward to the opening number the hosts and band put on together. 

“I’m really looking forward to ‘Let The Good Times Roll,’ which is what the overall Spring Sing show theme is this year,” Johnson said. “It is our first song of the show, and it is just an overall fun song to play and really wraps up the energy of Spring Sing.”

In addition to the band playing for the hosts, Johnson said some members are also heavily involved with their respective social clubs’ shows.

“Most of the band members are also a part of their own club shows which is impressive beyond words and deserves some recognition,” Johnson said. “This makes club night the best show out of all of them because our own brothers and sisters are personally rooting us on.”

Sophomore Davey Clonts playing trombone said the opportunity to play in the band has enabled him to branch out for the first time in his musical abilities.

“Getting opportunities to play charts outside of my usual genre of jazz is very exciting to me, as I’ve never really gotten the chance to branch out as a musician,” Clonts said. “Aidan [the director] has done a great job with getting the arrangements out and scheduling everyone together, and I’m super excited with what I’ve heard from the band.”

Although being in the band has given Clonts a new opportunity musically, he said the challenge lies in the busy schedule of being in the band and his social club’s show. 

“Nightly rehearsals are tough, especially since I’m also doing full time Spring Sing as well,” Clonts said. “My time is stretched very thin between Spring Sing, club and school, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.” 

Although the constant business of Spring Sing can be tiring, Clonts said the music for this year is filled with exciting energy. 

“I really like a lot of the songs, but some of my favorites would be ‘Let the Good Times Roll’ and ‘Somebody to Love,’” Clonts said. “‘Let the Good Times Roll’ is a lot of fun because it’s the opener and has a lot of energy behind it. ‘Somebody to Love’ is also a lot of fun, as I personally really enjoy that song.”

Spring Sing will take place March 1-2 with three showings. Tickets are still available with this link.

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