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Students make plans for spring break

For a college student, spring break is a long-awaited getaway during the semester and can include a trip to the mountains, the beach or a visit home.

One of the Oklahoma Christian University students taking an “exciting” escape from campus next week is Ben Lineback, a senior accounting and finance major. Lineback is taking a trip to Pensacola, FL, with a few of his closest friends.

Lineback and the others going will undertake the long drive to Florida this weekend and will stay in a house on the beach for the entirety of the week.

“It has kind of become a tradition among a few us,” Lineback said. “We started going two years ago and have gone back every year since. It’s a really cool experience, because every year more and more people want to come, and it’s just a blast with some of my closest friends.”

Kaitlyn Maker, a freshman political science major, is heading up to the mountains of Colorado to spend time with her family.

“I’m ready to be back,” Maker said. “I don’t get to see my family near as much as I would like to. Being on the swim team here takes up most of my time, so seeing them is long overdue.”

Maker plans on going hiking in the mountains near Boulder and hopes to go skiing as well, but she said the emphasis of the trip is just to spend quality time with her family.

“It was a family tradition when I was in high school that my parents and I would go hiking and skiing in the mountains as a nice little getaway in the back half of the school year,” Maker said. “I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to do it with me living so far from home. At the end of the day, I will be happy if I just get to spend the time I’ve been missing with my family.”

While some students are taking relaxing trips throughout the U.S., others are turning to their spring break as an unbothered week of potential productivity.

One of these students is a sophomore theology major, Ruger Stocking. Stocking said he is hoping to use this spring break as a time to excel the business he is trying to start up. Stocking plans to travel across Texas to meet with potential investors for funding.

“When I thought about what I wanted to do for spring break, I was somewhat torn,” Stocking said. “There is a part of me that wants to have the typical spring break story like other college student, but when I think hard about it, I won’t have that much free time for a few more months. At this point, time is everything, and I want to give this business the best chance I can.”


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