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Meet the 2017 Homecoming Nominees

Homecoming nominations annually flood students’ inboxes in search of candidates for the homecoming court. Only seniors are eligible for the crown, but other grade levels and social clubs participate as representatives during the homecoming parade and during the men’s and women’s basketball games. Meet this year’s nominees for king and queen:

Jeff Gruenbaum

Computer Science and Vocational Ministries

Photo by Elizabeth Killough.

Q: How have you previously been involved with Homecoming?

“ Last year, [our club] didn’t do it because I am in Chi, but the year before, we did and it was so much fun. I especially loved the parade and throwing candy at the kids. I have lived in the freshman dorms basically all four years, so I enjoy spending time with my class.”

Michelle Oehlert

Marketing Management 


Q: What is your favorite part of homecoming?

“My junior year, we were walking in the parade and one of the Gamma girls was throwing leis to the crowd. I ran up to her and asked if I could have one and she laughed and put it around my neck. I still have that lei hanging on my wall in my room, because it reminds me that even though homecoming is a competition, first and foremost, it’s about the fact that OC is home to all of us.”

Cody Milner

Political Science and History

Photo by Elizabeth Killough.

Q: How have you served your class throughout your four years?

“I came in with the goal of trying to be as active as possible. I was a class officer freshmen year, and it didn’t slow down from there. Last year, I found out that when you look at the campus, 30 percent or less of students are actually involved in social clubs. So last year, my biggest push was helping the other clubs and groups who could cater to those not in a social club.”

Chaise Lucero

Public Communication and Leadership with a minor in Business

cPhoto by Elizabeth Killough.

Q: How do you think being involved with your class and SGA has influenced your college career?

“Being involved has helped me learn how to plan events strategically and be more time-efficient. I have really gotten a loving vibe from everyone here at OC. I will miss the family feeling that OC brings.”

Carter Lytal

Mechanical Engineering

Photo by Elizabeth Killough.

Q: How have you been involved in Homecoming throughout your four years?

“Freshman year, we did Sandlot and built a tree house. I drove the homecoming float and it fell off the trailer onto highway I-35 going 75 mph. We picked up the pieces and dropped it off at Dr. Cassel’s house. It was a great memory. Sophomore year, I joined Chi and I drove the float again. It didn’t fall onto the highway that time. Junior year, we could not participate and senior year, I am the Chi homecoming director.”

Madeline Roseke


Photo by Elizabeth Killough.

Q: What is your favorite part of homecoming?

“My favorite part of homecoming is the communities that it combines — people who graduated previously, athletes, current students, different clubs and the faculty/staff. I love that everyone is combined and comes together to celebrate OC and the memories they have had there.”

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