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Meet the hosts: Spring Sing 2017

In preparation for the curtains to rise this weekend, the Spring Sing hosts opened up and shared the experiences and people who led them into the spotlights of this year’s “Rewind the Clock” Spring Sing 2017.

Spring Sing hosts perform between the club acts during the show. The hosts are performing songs from the 90s, to tie in with the theme for this year’s production. Some of the featured songs include “Buddy Holly” by Weezer, “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain, “Biddi Biddi Bum Bum” by Selena, “Meet in the Middle” by Diamond Rio and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” by Elton John.

Kendall Allen


Allen is juggling two roles in this year’s show. She is performing as a host for her second consecutive year and and is serving on the executive committee as the assistant director.

“The incredible thing about Spring Sing is that it is such a student-led thing,” Allen said. “On all fronts, students are in charge and taking control. Amanda [Watson, student events coordinator] empowers them and it’s cool to see all the people on committee, club directors, hosts and people in the show really hone what they can do well. That’s really what puts this whole show together.”

From Oklahoma City, OK, Allen is majoring in English education, who said she started singing in the second grade.

“I started singing because my mom told me to,” Allen said. “I was a really outgoing kid and thought it would be fun to participate in the talent show. I did it and loved it so I kept up with it.”

Allen said she dedicates her Spring Sing performance to her father, Tracey, because he loved to watch her sing and would be upset if she chose to miss out on this opportunity.

“He would say ‘I’m paying for voice lessons and you won’t try out’ if he ever found out I was considering not auditioning for something musical,” Allen said. “When he came to my shows, he would sleep through everything else but he would always wake up to hear me sing.”

Faith Fugar


Fugar is fulfilling a dream she never thought possible by performing as a host this year.

“If someone would have told me freshman year that I was going to be a Spring Sing host, I would have said, ‘You’re crazy, I’m not doing that,’” Fugar said. “I’m glad I’m getting out there.”

Fugar said she dedicates her performance to God. She said because of Him, she found her passion and He has shown her ways to cultivate and reach people in creative, inspiring ways she once would not have thought of.

Fugar is a senior interdisciplinary studies major from Cypress, TX, who developed a passion for singing at a young age.

“I started singing when I was really little, probably age six or so,” Fugar said. “I started in my church choir back in Louisiana. I picked it up in church and continued with singing performances and practices. People always really encouraged me with my voice.”

Peter Miller


Miller is the new kid on the Spring Sing block.

“I started singing last year when I came to OC. Kind of on a whim I auditioned for the fall festival and made it in,” Miller said. “The friends I made there encouraged me to pursue this and work hard at it.”

Miller said he dedicates his performance to his mom, who introduced him to music at age six.

“She really encouraged me not to just do school work while in college but to get outside of my comfort zone and do something different while I’m here,” Miller said.

A senior mechanical engineering major from Decatur, IL, Miller said he is excited to have the audience’s energy to feed off of onstage.

“It’s really fun to do all the group numbers, like the medleys,” Miller said. “The group of people I’m sharing the stage with are the best singers on campus. Our performances feel like a professional-quality thing that I get to be a part of. It’s very cool to participate in.”

Andrea Ochoa


From various musical parts to the Valentine Cabaret, Ochoa is adding Spring Sing host to her list of musical accomplishments.

“Singing is pretty much everything to me,” Ochoa said. “It’s going to be my career and my livelihood. It is my greatest passion and a huge way of how I identify myself.”

Ochoa is a senior vocal music education major from Houston, TX.

Ochoa said her favorite part of hosting this year’s show is the performing side. She said this year the hosts embody what the audience has seen and heard from artists of the 90s in their own, unique way.

“I started singing in the fourth grade,” Ochoa said. “My family lived in Colorado at the time and I joined the Colorado Springs children’s chorale because my parents put me in all sorts of sports and activities to try to get me involved and I hated all of it. So they decided to let me try choir because I loved to sing around the house. From there it became what it is now.”

Since her family is accustomed to hearing her sing musical theatre and opera, Ochoa said she is excited for them to hear her sing pop music.

“Spring Sing brings so many people to campus,” Ochoa said. “I think to be a part of that is pretty special and it’s pretty specific to OC. I want to walk away knowing I’m actually really a part of this community in more ways than just being a student here. It’s a special thing for everyone involved.”

Josiah Tie


Tie is learning the ropes of Spring Sing as the lone freshman host for the show. He is from Sarawak, Malaysia and is majoring in mechanical engineering.

According to Tie, the hosts’ preparation for Spring Sing was not as stressful as he thought it would be.

“Even though it’s a really big event, it’s pretty chilled,” Tie said. “Our vocal coach, Sean Steele, who hosted in last year’s Spring Sing show, makes it easy for the hosts to sing and perform on stage to the best of our abilities.”

Six years ago, Tie said he discovered a talent for singing and decided to act on it. He said he is most excited to perform his solo song, ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight,’ by Elton John.

As a first-time host, Tie said he is excited to see the whole performance and watch how everything comes together.

“I’ve never been to a Spring Sing show before,” Tie said. “I am looking forward to seeing all the clubs perform. From the host side, it has been pretty fun preparing but I am ready to see the whole show.”

Lane Wheeler


As a two-time Spring Sing host, Wheeler credits Spring Sing as one of his favorite college memories.

Originally from Topeka, KS, Wheeler is a senior computer science major with a minor in engineering. Wheeler hosted in the 2015 “Just Duet” show as a sophomore.

Wheeler said if he had to dedicate his Spring Sing performance to someone it would either be his family, his voice teacher or the president of the university, John deSteiguer. He said singing is a way to have fun, kick back and make people smile.

“I probably started singing from the womb,” Wheeler said. “My mother is a voice teacher so I grew up singing in places like the church and being involved in choir.”

Wheeler said he is excited to walk away from Spring Sing with the “sick sweater he wears in the show.”

“It’s awesome, it looks like one of those solo jazz cups with the purple and blue squiggles,” Wheeler said. “But in all seriousness, as long as I have a fun time and become better friends with the other hosts, I will consider my time as a host successful.”

All photos were submitted by Judson Copeland. 

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