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All that glitters is gold: Spring Sing 2018 honors ‘Year of the Gold’

With the 50th anniversary of Spring Sing on the calendar for next school year, Executive Director Blaire Hall aims to bring glitz and glamour to Oklahoma Christian University with the theme, ‘Year of the Gold.’

The ‘Year of the Gold’ theme will allow clubs to select themes from award-winning movies, television shows and musicals.

“We’re doing a sort of award show, so we could have shows from the Emmy’s, the Tony’s, the Oscar’s, any award show really,” Hall said. “I hope we can celebrate what’s been done in the past and make this the biggest show yet.”

With so many shows featuring Disney themes in the 2017 show, Hall said she hopes club shows will think outside of the box with their themes for the 2018 show.

“Some of the ideas I suggested in my presentation were ‘Hairspray,’ ‘Newsies’ and ‘Braveheart,’” Hall said. “But really, it just depends on the taste of the directors. I hope each theme will represent the clubs’ personalities.”

According to Hall, the idea behind ‘Year of the Gold’ is to make the 2018 show the biggest production yet. Hall said she plans on having the Garvey lobby filled with décor effectively creating a glamorous environment.

“I want the vibe of the whole space to be really elevated,” Hall said. “The lobby décor is going to have a red carpet theme. Around the pillars are going to be pictures of past shows, so people can find pictures of them from past shows. We want it to be huge.”

One of Spring Sing’s longstanding traditions is having hosts sing at the beginning and end of the show and between club acts. According to Hall, she plans on having the hosts sing Grammy-award-winning songs.

Hall was a Spring Sing director for Iota Kappa Phi, the first place winner of the 2017 Spring Sing show. Hall said she was originally encouraged to apply for executive director by a member of her club.

“With being a club director, it was so fun and kind of showed me leadership skills I didn’t know that I had,” Hall said. “Making girls feel confident in their skills made me feel like I could use those same skills as the executive director. I am excited to get to work with other new people and challenge myself.”

Hall said she is excited to be executive director because of what Spring Sing means to the Oklahoma Christian community.

“Spring Sing is something to get away from school and stressful environments and hang out with your club,” Hall said. “It allows us to get to know people on a goofy level and have everyone come together. I like how all of the clubs come up with something so creative.”

Alongside Hall, seniors Shaylin Hicks, Tori Treat, Baylee Hyatt and Cassidy Compton will serve as club coordinator, assistant director, treasurer and lobby and costume coordinator. Hall said the other positions are still under consideration.

The 2017 Spring Sing executive committee added a new position to its team, the philanthropic chair. Hall said she plans on having a committee to continue the philanthropic aspect of Spring Sing.

“Overall, I hope next year’s show is something the clubs can challenge themselves with and feel accomplished at the end,” Hall said.

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